PQC: I remember after the fall of Saigon, the communist regime imposed total lockdown and strict curfew on the whole south Vietnam. Any movement, any travel from province to province must have government issued document of permission . There was a severe food shortage especially rice in Saigon. No one was allowed to carry more than 1 kg of rice across provincial borders. My aunt, 70+ at the time went to visit my family in Saigon from CanTho which was still a rice rich Mekong Delta city despite the lockdown. She carried with her 10Kg of rice to support my family. Of course the Communist thugs would not let her go with that bag of rice. They tried to arrest her and to confiscate that so valuable rice bag. She fought back, cursed them, and lectured them about humanity and respect for elders especially elderly women as if they were her grand kids… Guess what, they let her go! You understand my point do you? What kind of creature have we become even without the DNA modifying injection?

Folks! It’s time for a true pitchfork revolution! No less! We only live once and must die no matter what. So let’s live and live free as true free human being!