“The slavery of fear had made men afraid to think.”Thomas Paine.

For the past month, I’ve searched the net intensively for a sign of hope. A sign of hope in someone who dares to call out the main culprit of this new world order: the Government, the system of Government power. I have seen none, even in the website of the so-called anarchists!

All I have seen and read is the binary deception of statism, the illusion of left vs right black vs white etc. In the alternative media world, Bill and Klause , WEF have dominated the whole story. This “exposing” focus, I suspect, has given these two-bits psychopaths a very covering/attention they don’t deserve and they would not have had it otherwise.

The fact is that the world has been ruled under the New World Order for a year now, but very few people can really recognize it much less fathom it. The New World Order was first installed at the Wuhan lockdown and subsequently implemented successfully in the whole Western world.

This New World Order is NOT a “New Order” where there is a one world government ruling over the rest as the retarded nationalists around the world have been whining for years. As obvious as anyone with a functioning brain still intact can see, this is a New World Order where every national government is empowered up to an absolute mode of ruling : fascist police state, which is synchronized with one another globally with the fearful consent of the majority of the people on this planet!

Thus, It’s not a reset as many brainless “intellectuals” call it, but obviously a new installment of a new system of ruling across the globe. This new ruling modus is total and complete, in which national governments not only control and rule the whole society by brute force but also control and rule inside every single person physically and mentally through DNA modification and manipulation a.k.a force mandatory vaccination.

Therefore this current Covid19 fraud is not the first and won’t be the last as long as statism is still a fundamental structure of human society.

Can we, the people stop them?

No and Yes!

No, because History clearly teaches us that when Governments proceed their crimes against the people, nothing can stop them unless they decide to stop it themselves when their objectives have been achieved. That’s why and how wars, genocide, and DEMOCIDE keep repeating throughout human history despite protest after protest by millions of people. And obviously that’s why and how we are where we are right now!

Yes, if people understand what and where the source of the problem is and decide to proceed a true revolution. A revolution to get rid of statism, to dismantle the system of government power.

Yet, the prospect of such true revolution unfortunately is very unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future. So far I have seen no effort to call out the government and to expose its principal role in this (covid) crime against humanity. All efforts have been focused on anti Bill and Klause, anti-lockdown, anti-mask etc… but not anti government-system, the main cause and the source of the crisis itself!

Not a single “intellectual” asks the most important question: Could this covid-fraud be possible without system of government power? Without system of Government power, could those psychopaths Bill, Klause, and their ilk have been able to pull off such grand plan with brazen lies and even careless acts such as inflating “covid deaths” with obvious fraud and fake statistics?

Why can’t the “intellectuals” see the obvious fact that it’s the government, its brainless and heartless bureaucracy, and its thugs (police) that have directly brutally attacked and destroyed people life and the very humanity itself from the beginning? This government/statist assault on humanity keep expanding and extending with no end in sight even with the “criminal injection.”

On the one hand, there have been “manufactured news” that some court ruling against this lockdown and that lockdown in this country and that country etc… This kind of “news” is clearly a psyop that is manufactured just to give gullible people the false hope in “the rule of law”, and to keep them at bay… waiting … for a new “national savior!” while Governments just keep moving forward firmly in lockstep with the plan to crush any liberty and human dignity that still remain!

On the other hand, some “anarchists” and “libertarians” offer a kind of solution such as Agorism. Yes Agorism is good and practicable, but this modus of free association only works if and only if there is no government system of power exists. Simply because Government with its power of the state never accept any activity, be it small or big, outside its control and rule. Government with monopoly of brute force will seize, confiscate, and destroy anything it deems “illegal”, and government thugs will never hesitate to beat up and shoot dead any one who dares to refuse to comply with their “law.” Thus, the pre-condition for any solution to work is the complete dismantlement of the government system of power.

In one word, there is no solution within the government (statist) paradigm. And there will be no practical solution even outside the government paradigm as long as government power still exists! Because government system (of power) will not accept anything less than its total control over the total submission of the people.

This New World Order has not only imposed a new high tech system of slavery over mankind (social credit, system of social tracing and tracking, immunization passport etc) but transformed human beings into their mere guinea pigs literally.

How many people could fathom this hard fact? Can you?

After all, we all must die. Death is a sure thing and not a worst thing at all. The question is how to live. And the essential quality of life is liberty and morality. Liberty and morality are incompatible with system of government power. They are mutually exclusive.

So, it is your choice. Revolt to live a free life until death or to live a slavery life of guinea pigs and die anyway!

This is my last post in this PhiQuyenChinh.org

So, thank you all for your company for all these years.

Good luck, I wish you all the best Folks